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  • New RRPproxy Web Interface live!

    The completely revised web interface is now available: Complex background processes and powerful functions are combined with an easy-to-use interface. Highlights are right-click functionality, infinite scrolling, bulk functionality, domain tagging, two-factor authentication and much more.

  • "We selected RRPproxy as preferred supplier because their staff showed great knowledge in combination with great reseller friendliness. They understand the business we are in and the flexibility we need."
    DomainMasters, Ton van der Reijken (CEO)
  • New gTLD Portfolio

    We offer a huge selection of new gTLDs. With RRPproxy you get direct access to the latest development in the world of the Internet. You get access to pre-orders, participation in all launch phases, TMCH service and detailed information - take part from the beginning!

  • Registry Operation by KSregistry

    • Reliable registry operation for companies and organizations
    • KSregistry operates the new gTLDs .CAM, .DESI, .SAARLAND and more!
    • KSregistry is technical back-end provider for the ccTLDs .DM, .GD, and .VG
  • One API - all TLDs

    • Domain business engine: Access to more than 1,000 ccTLDs and generic extensions
    • Participation in all launch phases of new gTLDs including TMCH service
    • API gateways (EPP, XRRP, HTTP(s), SOAP, XML-RPC, SMTP) and web interface
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More than 1,000 ccTLDs and generic domain extensions available: Register and manage domains through our easy-to-handle API gateways and web interface. Get access to nTLD pre-orders, participate in all launch phases and benefit from our TMCH service. Changing promotions help to boost your registration numbers!


Add our sophisticated hosting products to your product range! Webhosting with HOMER can be easily integrated into your existing infrastructure. Let your customers benefit from the advantages of the virtualized environment of vServers and bring your DNS services with KeyDNS to a new level!

SSL Certificates

Secure websites mean more value for your customers. Expand your product range and offer SSL certificates to your clients. Within RRPproxy, you can create SSL certificates signed by world leading authorities: Symantec, thawte, GeoTrust, RapidSSL, and Comodo.

RRPproxy™ - your instrument for a successful reselling business

RRPproxy is one of the leading reseller platforms worldwide for domains and internet related services. Our products are all resalable and can be easily implemented into your system trough various API gateways and web interface. Manage your customers within our advanced subreseller system and benefit from further reselling features such as a SMS tool and a billing engine.

What our customers say about us:

  • This constantly evolving industry requires solid partners. As true domain name lovers, RRPproxy’s team demonstrates a deep understanding of the domain industry combined with great support and advanced technology. RRPproxy is definitively a partner rather than a provider.
    Combell Group, Laurent Callens (Domain Name Specialist)
  • RRPproxy is great! No silly computerbased hotline, but qualified staff who have a meaningful answer to each (stupid) question. klubarbeit.net says thank you!
    klubarbeit.net (Markus Wieshofer)
  • RRPproxy is for us the best domain provider. We appreciate most of all the consistent user interface, the API quality and the detailed documentation.
    guebs (Aitor Ortuondo, CEO)
  • We are deeply contented with the RRPproxy interface and the prompt technical support. We’ve never experienced any technical issues with the automated registration system.
    Runic (Support Team)
  • RRPproxy has allowed us to register obscure TLDs easily and quickly adapt to changing regulations instead of being tangled up in paperwork and procedures.
  • RRPproxy supports us to stay competitive on the domain market. We value the flexibility of the system and the possibility to quickly introduce new TLDs to our customers.
    home.pl, Marta Goc (Domain Specialist)
  • Thanks to RRPproxy, we are able to manage our entire portfolio of over 300 domain extensions centrally and automatically.
    Cyon, Sascha Nimz (Head of Domains)
  • RRPproxy cares about their customers: Our questions are answered rapidly and really looked into. Not just a pre-defined ticket answer but personal contact and advice.
    DomainMasters, Ton van der Reijken (CEO)
  • RRPproxy is not just a service provider but a great partner. The company convinces with qualified and updated consultants and gives priority to their customers‘ needs.


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