Dedicated Server Hosting

  • Top server performance with RRPproxy™
  • Cheap: Rent your own physical server, full control over all server settings
  • Ubuntu Linux operation system pre-installed

Dedicated root servers with RRPproxy™

A powerful addition to our hosting products! Part of our first-class hosting services is the possibility to rent a dedicated server at favorable rate. This type of server is also known as root server.

With a dedicated server you rent an entire system that is reserved for your own projects, not sharing the available resources with any other user. This is much more flexible than shared hosting and you have full control over all server settings.

Quality made in Germany

Our dedicated servers are managed and administered by Key-Systems DataCenter, a wholly owned subsidiary company of Key-Systems operating a TÜV certified TIER III data center in St. Ingbert, Germany. Our dedicated server hosting services meet the highest demand for performance and availability. The used real 19" server hardware from well-known brand manufacturers is especially designed for continuous operation in a data center.

Key benefits of dedicated server hosting

Top Performance:

  • Server hardware optimized for professional and permanent operation
  • Fixed IP addresses for each server: 2x IPv4 (one for IPMI), 1x IPv6
  • Connected via 100 mBit switch with 1 Gbit uplink

Full Flexibility:

  • No sharing of resources with other users
  • Linux Ubuntu-LTS pre-installed, any other operating system possible
  • Management by the Key-Systems DataCenter, a subsidiary of Key-Systems

Security & Control:

  • Full administrator rights, full control over all server settings
  • Unrestricted Remote Access via IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface)
  • Hot-swap frame (exchange of hard disks during operation)
  • Redundant power supplies, extended burn-in test before the initial operation

Simple & Transparent:

  • Highly automated administration through RRPproxy™
  • Initial minimum term is 1 year, renewals possible on a monthly basis
  • No setup-fee!

dServer product specifications

Sever Type CPU RAM HDD
dServer Medium AMD Opteron 6-Core x 2.1 GHz 16 GB 2x 1 TB
dServer Large AMD Opteron6-Core x 2.7 GHz 32 GB 2x 2 TB