EPP (Extensible Provisioning Protocol)

RRPproxy™ supports the EPP standard 1.0, the RFC 3735, 5730 - 5734 standards and the RCC 1.1 name space.

We are able to use any existing EPP SDK to register international domain names. The EPP system translates the commands in real time in the respective format used by the connected registries. RRPproxy is one of the leading EPP providers in the reseller market. Key-Systems, the operator of RRPproxy, was e.g. the first accredited registrar worldwide to offer an EPP interface for the registration of .PE, the ccTLD of the Republic of Peru.

Accessing the EPP system

For accessing our EPP system, please use the following connection parameters:

# LIVE - system:
Host: epp.rrpproxy.net
Port: 700

# OT/E - system:
Host: epp-ote.rrpproxy.net
Port: 1700


Here an example of how the extensions must be set up:

<keysys:create -xmlns:keysys="http://www.key-systems.net/epp/keysys-1.0">