Web Interface

The RRPproxy™ web interface is characterized by full web access and is compatible with all major browsers, even without JavaScript. The web client offers advanced features such as bulk commands with an unlimited number of parameters and a subreseller system including the management of individual price scales.

The modern look and feel of the web client allows you to intuitively find and use all of its functions. Besides the management of your domains and name servers as well as the handling of your contact information, you have access to all other RRPproxy services such as SSL certificates and virtual servers. Starting on the welcome page you are able to find all domain-related operations at a glance. With API controls in the left menu and account administration, tools, finances etc. in the horizontal navigation bar, the workflow of the interface is well structured.

The multilingual web interface stands out through highest usability and a fast workflow. It is also a model of how to create a web client, which is directly based on the RRPproxy API.