Great RRPproxy Web Interface

  • Responsive interface, fast loading processes, smart features
  • Can be intuitively used like a desktop program
  • Easy management of even large domain portfolios

New RRPproxy™ web interface

The RRPproxy web interface provides an outstanding platform for your online domain management business. It is responsive and optimally displayed even on mobile devices. The interface meets the needs of resellers, registrars and domain investors managing large domain portfolios.

Despite the complex background processes, the RRPproxy web interface is easy to use. The UI allows you to intuitively find and use all of functions. Besides the management of your domains and name servers as well as the handling of your contact and account information, you have access to all other RRPproxy services. The interface offers you complete integration of our hosting products and SSL certificates, the management of Trademark Clearinghouse Records (TMCH records), an extensive subreseller system as well as the aftermarket platform and many more.

Outstanding innovations

Infinite Scrolling

The list view of domains and other products combine the advantages of pagination (page numbers) with a scrolling option. Users can scroll through the entire domain portfolio from top to bottom or jump directly to the desired place by selecting the corresponding page number.

Right-click option

Usage similar to a desktop program: By right-clicking on a product or domain within a list, a menu with the most important functions opens. If several domains/products are selected, the most important bulk functions appear in the menu after right-clicking.

Powerful bulk operations

Transactions such as transfers or modifications can be processed for thousands of domain names at once – fast and easy. Bulk domain name registrations are possible as well.

Security mechanism to protect your account

The two-factor authentication process provides protection for you account and assets. To use this optional security feature, you must install the Google Authenticator App on your phone.

Intelligent helpers for your daily work:

  • Fully customizable dashboard with many widgets
  • Domain vCard with all relevant domain data and contacts at a glance
  • Tagging and filtering of domains by category
  • Presets for domains, contact handles, DNS configurations etc.
  • API wizard for direct access to the API via the interface
  • Setup wizards for domains and hosting products
  • Auto-completion functions and support by help texts
  • Management of e-mail addresses for newsletters and maintenance alerts