Domain Backorder Services

  • Get access to one of the widest selection of TLDs for backorders at very competitive rates
  • Increase your profits: Free and easy to integrate, pay only for successful backorders
  • A great service for domain investors and brand protection specialists

Help Your Customers Get the Best Expired Names While Increasing Your Profits

Whether creating a new reseller account or adding to your existing services, help your customers get the domains they want by offering domain backorders.

In addition to new domain registrations, backorders give you the opportunity to catch a taken domain name as soon as it becomes available.

This service is perfect for:

  • Domain Investors looking to secure valuable domains names for their portfolios
  • Retail Customers discovering names of interest and pursuing new ideas
  • Corporate Domain Management Clients claiming and recovering important names for their clients

Why Choose RRPproxy for Domain Backorder Services

With our strong success rates, ease of use, and huge range of available TLDs, we are the natural choice for those looking to succeed.

Get more with RRPproxy:

  • Integrate seamlessly via our API or use the web interface and start submitting backorders immediately
  • We have some of the most competitive backorder pricing on the market. As a reseller, you get an even better deal
  • Get free access to detailed lists of domains that are about to expire every day
  • Use our dedicated expiring domain search engine via the API or the web interface to find the most valuable domain names soon to be on the market
  • Easily view all domain backorders in your account and see real-time updates on their status

Learn more about how you can benefit from backorders by contacting our Sales team or your Account Manager.


Get Access to RRPproxy’s Backorder Lite Feature

For less critical domains, you can also take advantage of Backorder Lite. Backorder Lite allows you to register expired domains under  .COM, .NET, .ORG, .BIZ, at a discount. Backorder Lite orders are processed after regular backorders and are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

With a simple flat fee price, Backorder Lite is a favourite for those looking at a more passive way to build their portfolios. Give your customers the choice, and added incentive, to place backorders with you today.


Over 300 TLDs available for backorder!


.ag **
.bz **
.ca *
.co **
.lc **
.sc **
.vc **

* Successful backorders completed on a first-come, first-served basis only.

** Third-Level Domain Backorders are also supported




Domain Backorder FAQs

What is domain backordering?

Every day, thousands of previously registered domains that are not renewed by their Registrants are released back to the general public. Many of these domains include attractive keywords and the competition to register them as soon as they become available is strong. Our backordering system has been developed with the sole purpose of maximizing the chances of catching these domains exactly when the Registry releases them. Placing a backorder with us dramatically increases the chances of getting the domain you want as soon as it is released

When can I submit backorders?

You can submit backorders for any currently registered domain in any of our supported TLDs (see above) at any time. These orders remain on hold in our system and become activated if the requested domain is deleted and is scheduled for release by the Registry.

How do I know which domains are about to be released?

We maintain lists of domains that are about to be released. These lists are updated hourly and are  available for free to all our Resellers via the web interface. You can download the list for a specific TLD, or for all TLDs at once. Additionally, you can search for specific domains using the search function in the web interface or via the API.

Will others know which domains I have backordered?

No. All backorders are confidential.

What happens if there are multiple backorders for the same domain name?

In the case there are multiple backorders for the same domain, customers are invited to a private auction portal. Unlike other auction platforms, our auctions are not open to the general public and only customers who have placed a backorder may participate. As an RRPproxy reseller, earn extra commission on a won domain when your customers get the names they want in auction!

Are domain backorders guaranteed?

Our backorder service has one of the broadest TLD coverages in the market and is constantly fine-tuned to increase your chances of getting the domain you want. Registering recently released domains is a very competitive race so we cannot guarantee we will be successful every time.

What is the difference between a backorder and a backorder-lite?

Backorder-lites are backorders that are processed with a lower priority than regular backorders. A backorder-lite is less expensive than regular backorders, and in case of multiple backorder-lites for the same domain, the first backorder-lite received will be awarded the domain. Regular backorders always take precedence over backorder-lites, and backorder-lites are not invited to auctions for domains with multiple backorder requests. Backorder-lite is available for .com, .net, .biz and .org.

How soon can I begin offering backorder services with RRPproxy?

Connect with us now to get started!