Protective Mechanisms For Your Domain Portfolio

  • Additional protection measures against unwanted domain modifications
  • Domain PinLock procedure based on a PIN token method
  • Protection for your domain names directly at registry level

Protect your domains with the PinLock Service

We offer you an effective protection for your domains - the Domain PinLock procedure.

This protective mechanism is based on a PIN token method via short message service (SMS). By using the Domain PinLock service you enable a two-way protection against any unwanted domain modifications. This is especially useful to protect valuable domain names in your portfolio against malicious or accidental changes.

Once the service has been activated the following modifications can only be performed by providing a valid one-time token within a 30 minute window received via short message service (SMS) to a pre-defined phone number:

  • DeleteDomain
  • SetDomainRenewalMode
  • SetDomainTransferMode
  • ModifyDomain
  • TransferDomain (only user transfers)
  • ParkDomain
  • PushDomain
  • TradeDomain
  • AddNameserver
  • ModifyNameserver
  • DeleteNameserver

VERISIGN® Registry Lock Service

Secure your valuable domain names directly at registry level!

The VERISIGN Registry Lock Service allows the protection of domains and/or hosts (i.e. name servers) at registry level via Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) server (registry) status codes to prevent malicious or inadvertent modifications, deletions and transfers. Once a domain name/host is locked, any changes to it must be made through a secure, authenticated process.

Clients interested in securing a domain name are requested to contact their RRPproxy sales or support contact person to obtain the documentation required to lock the name. All further registry relevant updates will then have to be verified in a predefined routine to ensure integrity. This is usually done through a call back to a pre-authorized contact person within the client's company.

The following EPP server status codes are included in the Registry Lock:

  • serverUpdateProhibited
  • serverDeleteProhibited
  • serverTransferProhibited

The following TLDs support the VERISIGN Registry Lock Service: