Registry Account Management (RAM)

  • Use your own registry accreditation & benefit from our advanced services
  • Compliance with all ICANN guidelines & newest industry standards
  • EPP, XML-RPC etc. for your account & customizable web interface

Let RRPproxy manage your own registry accreditation

We are offering Registry Account Management (RAM) services to customers who would like to combine their existing registry accounts with the services and management options of RRPproxy™ - saving time, costs of development and implementation efforts.

The Registry Account Management (RAM) stands for a fully automated and optimized registrar solution "out of the box" which is instantly ready for your use. It includes newest industry standards and a fully customizable web interface for you and your clients. This comprehensive service reduces your development and implementation effort.

RAM Features

  • Full access to all domain name related operations using your own registry access
  • Compliance with all ICANN guidelines, including Transfer FOA, WDRP, DATA ESCROW and WHOIS services
  • Layout and functionality completely customizable
  • Access to one of the world's most advanced reseller management tools (including subreseller architecture)
  • Constant updates and information about registry level developments
  • Access to several industry standard protocols such as EPP and XML-RPC for your account
  • Completely automated domain name registration and management process
  • Instant add-on of additional products as they are implemented into RRPproxy

Supported TLDs

On demand:

Other TLDs can be implemented as well. Please contact us.