Registry Operation by KSregistry

  • Registry operation for companies and organizations
  • Reliable, powerful technology and qualified consulting
  • Adapt your registry solution to your needs at any time

Adapt your registry solution to your specific needs at any time

KSregistry provides features and functions to successfully operate a TLD registry and is directed to operators of existing ccTLDs, applicants for new gTLDs as well as companies planning to establish their name or brand as a new TLD.

The KSregistry system is designed in a modular way so that it can be easily adapted and expanded to meet changing needs in a cost effective manner. It can easily handle an increasing number of customers or domains. If required, companies and organizations may also purchase extensive consulting services necessary for conception and implementation of a TLD.

Having been a country code registry for years, the RRPproxy team possesses the extensive knowledge and expertise required to operate a registry and to design the various assignment phases (Sunrise / Landrush / Go Live) when introducing new TLDs. Whether a ccTLD registry is looking for a new technical provider, a company needs help for the realization of its own .BRAND or new gTLD application, the RRPproxy team has the right solutions – providing best industry standards for your business.

KSregistry offers high-end registry functions

  • Real-time account monitoring
  • SFTP account for customers
  • Creating and modifying different prices and price scales
  • Access control to limit functionality (e.g. read-only mode)
  • White-label GUI for registry operators and registrars
  • Blacklist functionality for restricted or reserved domain names
  • Optional billing module to handle all ECB supported currencies
  • Definable currencies per account
  • Expansion of registry functions on customer request
  • Back office support team
  • Data center with 3x redundant 10 GBs connection, dark fibre TIER III, real-time monitoring and 24/7 support
  • EPP 1.0 interface for all registry functions according to RFC 5730, 5731, 5732, 5733, 5734, 3735
  • Whois cluster cloud with SLA of 99.9 percent (excluding down times for scheduled maintenance)
  • DNS anycast cluster cloud based in three different geographical locations (SLA of 99.9%)
  • Dedicated or Shared Registry System with allocated infrastructure (e.g. whois, DNS, registry core systems)