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Now only
9.50 USD
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.co Promotion

Now only 9.50 USD

We are offering 1-year registrations at low rate. Domain renewals and transfers are excluded from this promotion.

Please be aware of the .co special marketing commitments!

Participating resellers must pick at least ONE of the following .co marketing commitment:

  1. Front-of-Site Placement: A permanent banner ad containing the .CO logo and brand marketing message shall appear at all times rotation above the fold on the home page of the reseller's website.
  2. Search Results (domain availability): At a minimum, whenever the .CO Domain equivalent is available, it will be listed as the default or second option in the Search Results Page appearing on the Registrar Site after a user performs a domain name availability search.
  3. E-Mail Marketing: At a minimum, at least 1 e-mail marketing campaign to the customer base promoting the value and benefits of .CO and announcing the promotional period with a link to register .CO domain names and additional value added services as desired for each month involved in the .CO Marketing Program. Please send a copy of the mailing to the RRProxy sales team.
  4. Search Pulldown or TLD Menu Options: In each search box or area with options for domain name availability on the Registrar Site the TLD will be listed as the default or second of top level domain choices.
  5. Social Media Marketing: Social media related efforts to promote the TLD and .CO Domain registrations (e.g. posts on Blogs, Facebook and Twitter pages, tagging @dotCO).
  6. Other: Please list your chosen method of marketing if not listed above.
  7. Price Discount: We highly recommend to discount .CO domains in the promotional period.

Contact us now to participate in this promotion!

Join the opportunity era with infinite possibility

The .CO domain offers individuals, organizations and businesses a truly global, recognizable and credible web address for branding their online presence. It is the online space where possibility meets opportunity, where people can bring their ideas to life and where the world’s next great enterprises are making a home.


Great ideas need memorable websites. Who wants a long-winded web address when you can choose a valuable branding asset to set your idea apart? By building your idea on a .CO domain name, you become part of a robust community of fellow online innovators breaking new ground one site at a time.


Whether you run a start-up in your basement, a personal blog in your spare time or a multi-billion-dollar corporation – you need a credible domain name that tells people who you are and what you’re all about.


Associated globally with the words "COmpany," "COrporation" and "COmmerce" – the .CO domain is easy to recognize, simple to remember and flexible to use. And that makes it the perfect platform for today's socially networked individuals and entrepreneurs to create .COmmunities, share .COntent, and to .COnnect, .COmmunicate and .COllaborate online.

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  • .CO supports IPv6
  • .CO supports Whois Privacy
  • .CO supports Trustee Services
  • .CO is DNSSEC ready
  • .CO supports IDN

Domain Details

Zone UseAny companies or individuals who are interested in registering an .CO Domain.
Whois Privacy Support1
Time period1y,2y,3y,4y,5y
IDN supportYes
Trustee supportTrustee not supported
DNSSEC readyYes
Minimum character length2
Maximum character length63
Allowed charactersa-z, 0-9, -
Terms and conditionsTerms and conditions for .co