TLD Info for .CO.COM

.CO.COM is an opportunity to meet strong customer demand for short, memorable, global domain names ending in .com.

Short. Memorable. Available.

  • Better Names: domains are short, memorable, and end in the popular .com
  • Available: Get the name you've always wanted. Register your early when the very best names are available.
  • Global: are not country specific, and help you reach potential international customers.
  • Open to All: domains are open for registration by any business, organization or individual.

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  • .CO.COM supports IPv6
  • .CO.COM supports Whois Privacy
  • .CO.COM supports Trustee Services
  • .CO.COM is DNSSEC ready
  • .CO.COM supports IDN

Domain Details

Whois Privacy Support1
Time period1y,2y,3y,4y,5y,6y,7y,8y,9y,10y
IDN supportNo
Trustee supportTrustee not supported
DNSSEC readyYes
Minimum character length1
Maximum character length63
Allowed charactersa-z, 0-9, -