TLD Info for .CO.NL

CO.NL is the 3rd level variant of the country code Top-Level-Domain (ccTLD) of the Netherlands.


Many desirable domain names are already taken within the .nl name space. may offer a suitable alternative: Register short and easy to remember domain names with an obvious Dutch flavor.

Please note: is registered as a .nl domain name but the operator does not have any affiliation with the SIDN Registry.

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  • .CO.NL supports IPv6
  • .CO.NL supports Whois Privacy
  • .CO.NL supports Trustee Services
  • .CO.NL is DNSSEC ready
  • .CO.NL supports IDN

Domain Details

Zone UseA CO.NL Domain is normally used by companies or private entities who are located in the Netherlands.
Time period1y,2y,3y,4y,5y,6y,7y,8y,9y,10y
IDN supportNo
Trustee supportTrustee not supported
DNSSEC readyYes
Minimum character length1
Maximum character length63
Allowed charactersa-z, 0-9, -