TLD Info for .COM.BR

.COM.BR is the official third-level domains of Brazil.

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56.00 BRL
until December 31
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Now only 56.00 BRL

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  • .COM.BR supports IPv6
  • .COM.BR supports Whois Privacy
  • .COM.BR supports Trustee Services
  • .COM.BR is DNSSEC ready
  • .COM.BR supports IDN

Domain Details

Zone UseAny companies or individuals from Brazil who are interested in registering an .COM.BR Domain.
Time period1y,2y,3y,4y,5y,6y,7y,8y,9y,10y
IDN supportYes
Trustee supportTrustee supported
DNSSEC readyYes
Minimum character length2
Maximum character length26
Allowed charactersa-z, 0-9, -