Trustee Service

  • Reliable local presence services for ccTLDs with geographical restrictions
  • Register domains worldwide regardless from your residency
  • Full compliance with all registration policies, no bureaucracy

Reliable trustee service for TLDs with restrictions

With our local presence services we enable domain name registrations regardless from the registrant's residency.

Using our trustee service (local presence services) you can register domains even in ccTLDs with geographical restrictions. Some national registries, among them the German DENIC, the European EURid, and the French AFNIC, require as part of their registration guidelines that a domain has a local contact address.

Following such rules, the respective domain name may only be registered if a owner contact and/or admin contact is provided for the domain in the country of the registry. In order to fulfill these special requirements, RRPproxy™ offers special trustee agreements in which e.g. valid power of attorney is given to an agency/lawyer in the respective country.

Benefits of the RRPproxy trustee service

  • Reliable solutions for country-specific requirements and conditions
  • Registration of domains even in areas with restrictions - without any bureaucracy
  • Domain name registration regardless from the registrant's residency
  • Setup and expansion of domain portfolios beyond national borders

Supported TLDs

Please find a list with all TLDs that support a trustee services in our RRPproxy Knowledge Base.