DynamicDNS Feature by RRPproxy

  • Automatic updating of dynamic IP addresses
  • Usable via a set of API commands
  • Optional white-labeled update URL available

DynamicDNS Service

The DynamicDNS feature enables your clients to update their dynamic IP addresses automatically using any domain name that is registered on their behalf.

Most routers or modems support automatic DNS updates in the event that the local (home) IP address changes. By configuring the RRPproxy DynamicDNS URL this process can be automated using any registered domain name.

In addition, RRPproxy provides a white-labeled update URL that can be used for automated update calls. If you wish to use your own domain name for the update call you can use CNAME records to point your (sub-)domain name to the URL of the update server.

The following transactions are supported:

  • Activation of the DynamicDNS feature for a domain name
  • Deactivation of the DynamicDNS feature for a domain name
  • Display of status information for a DynamicDNS entry
  • Display a list of all configured DynamicDNS records
  • Update settings of a DynamicDNS entry (new status, new password)
  • Update of the IP/MX record of a DynamicDNS record