Our Hosted DNS Solution KeyDNS

  • State-of-the-art Anycast network
  • Secondary Nameserver capability
  • Full DNSSEC support

KeyDNS brings your DNS services to a new level

Increase the stability of your domains with KeyDNS, RRPproxy global, high performance DNS hosting service.

A fast, stable and reliable DNS is crucial for the success of any business online. Secure your customers' domains - and yours - with our powerful KeyDNS service and take advantage of Key-Systems' and Centralnic's long-time experience in DNS management and monitoring.

Secondary Nameserver Capability
Use our KeyDNS as Secondary Nameserver setup for your Primary Nameserver or hidden Primary Nameserver. KeyDNS automatically imports DNS zone file data from your Primary Nameserver and also works with hidden Primary Nameserver.

By using Anycast, your resource records will be automatically duplicated and published across our global network. With many servers spread across five continents, RRPproxy’s DNS service ensures worldwide security and fast resolution times.

Real-time updates to all DNS data
All issued updates are carried out in real time ensuring that your DNS changes are instantly available. Take advantage of our easy setup of mail and web forwardings without any additional configuration efforts.

Regular security updates and up-time monitoring
Our KeyDNS services provide a 24/7 real-time monitoring and our DNS servers have a realistic up-time of 99.9% - 99.99%. In case of DDoS attacks and mitigation our reaction time is about 15 minutes until measures are in place. Thus even during heaviest attacks and even if one server is breaking down we can make sure that your domains are still resolving.

KeyDNS main features

  • Geographically distributed and fully redundant DNS networks for fast response times
  • Short update cycles to all DNS data, easy mail- and web-forwarding
  • Accessible through different API gateways (HTTPs, SMTP, XRRP, SOAP / XML-RPC) and web interface
  • Highly available and reliable infrastructure
  • Regular security updates and monitoring
  • Protection against all types of DDoS attacks
  • DNSSEC compatibility
  • 24/7 real-time monitoring for the services