Powerful Virtual Servers

  • Benefit from the flexibility and reliability of a virtualized environment
  • Premium host systems & highly available multi-homed AS broadband connection
  • Real-time vServer administration via API and web interface

Full-fledged virtual root servers

A virtual server is a separate part of a dedicated server. vServers offer high flexibility and independence in the configuration for a competitive price. With vServers, you and your customers can host web sites, manage files and much more.

RRPproxy allows you to handle all needs concerning vServers with one simple to use API based solution. The vServer administration is also possible per web interface. Real-time creation and administration of vServers are a matter of course. RRPproxy's vServers combine a high-quality environment with the well known flexibility of virtual servers. Together with RRPproxy's partners Filoo GmbH and Thomas-Krenn.AG the system offers a unique technical infrastructure for the hosting of virtual machines.

vServer highlights

  • vServers in four power levels
  • High-quality host systems (Supermicro/Intel with RAID hardware)
  • Highly available multi-homed AS broadband connection powered by Filoo GmbH
  • Virtualization by KVM
  • Hosted in a TIER III data center in Frankfurt on the Main
  • Various installation media available
  • Graphical access via VNC protocol
  • Dedicated memory (no shared memory)
  • Full root level access
  • Flexible contract periods (1, 3 or 6 months), no setup-fee when choosing the 6-month term
  • Highly automated administration through API and web interface
  • Optional Froxlor Server Management Panel
  • Traffic flat: 100% traffic included (assuming fair use), no setup fee, no hidden costs

vServer packages

Power level CPU  Memory Disk
vServer 512 1  512 MB 20 GB
vServer 1024 2 1024 MB 40 GB
vServer 2048 4 2048 MB 80 GB
vServer 4096 8 4096 MB 160 GB