Webhosting with HOMER

  • HOMER provides highly scalable, flexible and resalable hosting packages
  • Easy integration into existing hosting systems by API at minimum cost
  • Start now your hosting business or optimize your existing infrastructure!

Resaleable webhosting with HOMER

RRPproxy™ offers immediate access to favorable and easy to book hosting packages with the resalable web hosting HOMER™. The name HOMER stands for Hosting Management Environment Repository.

The HOMER solution enables you to order and manage static and interactive web space in real-time through a highly scalable, flexible and approved system.

Typically, the operation of a hosting platform requires high investment in infrastructure, maintenance and development of the relevant systems. HOMER reduces these costs to a minimum and can be easily integrated into your existing system by using our APIs. Start now with your hosting business or optimize your existing hosting infrastructure.

Functionality of HOMER

  • Master FTP access / master log-in
  • Reliable servers in a redundant environment
  • Multiple secure locations
  • Individual solutions possible: dedicated hosting on demand
  • Use of web space for all domains regardless of the registrar
  • Apache server standards including mod_rewrite
  • Access to statistics and real-time server log files (Common Logfile Format) including traffic report
  • Traffic flat: 100% traffic included (assuming fair use), no setup fee, no hidden costs
  • No investment in your own infrastructure for hosting
  • Qualified support via phone and email

Shared hosting solution

  • Arbitrary package sizes of 1 MB up to 5 GB
  • Billing in MB
  • Traffic flat
  • Monthly termination possible
  • Free allocation of your web space to your domains
  • HTML or PHP configuration
  • Unlimited FTP access
  • FTPS (SSL/TLS) access for maximum security
  • PHP 5 for the interactive design of your web site
  • No setup fee

Dedicated hosting solution

  • On demand - customized to your needs
  • Dedicated servers with HOMER infrastructure (by Thomas Krenn)
  • Package price starting from 350,- EUR net per month for standard configuration
  • One monthly fee as setup fee


Standard configuration of a dedicated server:

Mainboard Supermicro Mainboard X7SBI
Processor Intel Xeon Quad Core 3350, 2,66 GHZ, 12 MB Cache
HDD 2x 320 GB SATA II hard disks
RAID 3Ware Hardware Raid