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RRPproxy welcomes Atomia customers! RRPproxy is now fully integrated in Atomia.
Become a RRPproxy reseller and get your special Atomia prices:

.COM 8.53 USD
.NET 8.22 USD
.ORG 9.73 USD
.NL 4.18 EUR
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Looking for a domain reselling portal?

RRPproxy is one of the leading reseller platforms for domains and internet related services worldwide. Our products are all resalable and can be easily implemented into your system through various API gateways and our easy-to-use web interface. Manage your customers within our advanced subreseller system!

Take advantage of our wide range of TLDs

The RRPproxy system provides access to more than 1,000 country specific and generic domain extensions through API gateways or an easy-to-handle web client at wholesale price level. Register and manage your customer domains through the fully automated RRPproxy real-time system.

How about your own accreditation?

We are offering Registry Account Management (RAM) services to customers who would like to combine their existing registry accounts with RRPproxy's services and management options. Our RAM system stands for a fully automated and optimized registrar solution “out of the box" which is instantly ready for your use.

You are still not convinced?

Why should you choose us:

  • Managing more than 4.2 Million domains.
  • Serving most of the top 15 domain registrars.
  • Fully automated processes.
  • 400 ccTLDs and more than 600 gTLDs via one API.
  • Full integration in Atomia.

You still have questions?

Feel free to contact us via email to sales@key-systems.net
or call +49 (0) 68 94 - 939 6970 (Germany).