2021-12-17Support Availability Over the Holidays

Please note that our offices are closed on Friday, December 24 and on Friday, December 31, 2021. There will be no regular technical support by phone and email on these days.

From December 27 -30, 2021 and as of January 3, 2022 our team is available for you as usual.

Please be also aware of the bank holidays. Financial transactions can only be processed before Christmas holidays if the money arrives on our bank account until Thursday, December 23 (15:00 UTC), and before New Year's Eve and New Year if the money arrives on our bank account until Thursday, December 30 (15:00 UTC).

We wish you and your loved ones a peaceful and happy holiday season and a prosperous New Year!

Stay Healthy,
Your RRPproxy Team

2021-12-15AdultBlock & AdultBlock+ / Update on .XXX Sunrise B Blocks

We are excited to announce that we launched the new AdultBlock and AdultBlock+ products!

AdultBlock includes blocking domain registrations with exact match terms (and their variants with AdultBlock+) across the following TLDs: .ADULT, .PORN, .SEX and .XXX.

Read more here!

The MMX registry has extended the deadline for converting .XXX Sunrise B blocks to AdultBlock registrations beyond December 1st by 45 days. Don't miss out on this last opportunity and convert to AdultBlock products before January 14, 2022!

2021-12-06New Additions to our TLD Portfolio

We are proud to announce that we have implemented the following Indonesian extensions into our system:

They are available as regular, automated TLDs and can be registered as of now.

2021-11-02Scheduled Maintenance Work on November 20

We would like to announce the following RRPproxy system maintenance:

  • Saturday, November 20, 2021, 08:00 - 12:00 UTC (09:00 - 13:00 CET).

You may expect the following:

DNS: Available - Domains will continue to resolve normally
vServer: Available - vServers will be reachable
API: Affected
EPP: Affected
Web interface: Affected
WHOIS: Affected
OT&E: Affected

Please excuse any inconvenience this may cause.

2021-10-21Limited support on November 1

Please note that our offices in Germany are closed on Monday, November 1, 2021 (All Saints' Day).

Our technical support by phone and e-mail is therefore only available on a limited basis on that day. Our team will look forward to supporting you again in full extent on Tuesday, November 2.

Please be aware of the return to Central European Time/European wintertime (CET= UTC+1) on October 31.

2021-09-01New RRPproxy Service: Refunded AGP Deletes

We are pleased to announce our new Refunded AGP Deletes service. With this option you can offer your customers a refund for domains deleted during the Add Grace Period (AGP) and automate this process.

Our Refunded AGP Deletes service is available for over 500 TLDs. Refunds will be granted if domain names are deleted during the Add Grace Period (AGP). Please note, the AGP service only applies to domain names. Associated domain services such as Trustee Service or Whois Privacy are not eligible for refunds, only the domain name registration itself.

Our RRPproxy Knowledge Base provides you a full documentation of the new service.

Start offering this service now and benefit from increased customer retention and satisfaction!

2021-09-01.ZUERICH Sunrise Now Open

.ZUERICH is the new TLD for the Canton of Zurich in Switzerland. Eligible registrants are limited to public authorities (public-law organizations) and businesses incorporated and located in the Canton of Zurich (local presence requirements, a valid UID number from the Canton of Zurich required).

Launch Dates:

  • Sunrise: Until October 29, 2021 (13:59 UTC). For trademark holders with a valid signed mark data (SMD) file. Sunrise applications have priority over LRP applications.
  • Limited Registration Period (LRP): September 30 (14:00 UTC) until October 29, 2021 (13:59 UTC). For Public Authorities.
  • Early Access Program (EAP): November 22 (14:00 UTC) until December 2, 2021 (13:59 UTC). First-come, first-served.
  • General Availability (GA): As of December 2, 2021 (14:00 UTC). First-come, first-served.

More details and information about mandatory extensions can be found in our Knowledge Base. Please refer to your RRPproxy account for price information or contact our Sales team.

Submit Your Applications Now!

2021-08-05Extension of .EU citizenship criteria to EEA nationals

Since August 2, 2021, the citizens of Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway are allowed to register .EU domains and its variants in other scripts regardless of their place of residence. EU citizens were granted the same eligibility in October 2019. Release of two-character ASCII domain names

In order to promote the development of the .网址 TLD (.xn--ses554g) and meet market needs, the registry has released digit/letter and letter/digit two-character ASCII domain names for registration to the public. They are now available in our system.

The Chinese TLD .网址 stands for URL or website address.

2021-07-29Firewall Maintenance Work on July 31

We would like to announce a firewall maintenance work that is not directly related to RRPproxy, but indirectly affects a set of firewalls. We do not expect any service outages or connection issues, but would still like to inform you about the work that will be performed on the following date:

  • Saturday, July 31, 2021, from 07:00 - 11:00 UTC (09:00 - 13:00 CEST)

You may expect the following:
DNS: Available - Domains will continue to resolve normally
vServer: Available - vServers will be reachable
API: Not Affected
EPP: Not Affected
Web interface: Not Affected
WHOIS: Not Affected
OT&E: Not Affected

Please excuse any inconvenience this may cause.

2021-06-17Auction Platform, PremiumSale: Important Updates

On July 8, we are upgrading the auction platform used for our Backorder auctions.

The template will be upgraded and fully mobile responsive, making it easier for users to keep an eye on their auctions at all times.

The website will now be operated by Key-Systems GmbH directly. This switch will make it easier to manage invoices and payments as customers will receive only one invoice, opposed to the two previously sent per statement. Invoicing will include VAT as appropriate so no follow up to request required. Users will receive a single, complete invoice directly from the platform, and it will be possible to pay for the winning bid by Credit Card, an upgrade that we and many have been eagerly looking forward to!

For private users based in the EU, the system will automatically apply the correct VAT amount based on their location. Business users with a valid VAT registration number will be able to add their VAT number to their profile and have it applied to their invoices automatically.

Due to these changes, we have reviewed and updated the Terms of Use for the website. As part of this update, all users invited to an auction, including those that have previously participated in auctions on the platform, will be required to register a new account and accept the new terms and conditions.

To ensure a smooth transition, no auctions will start between Monday, July 5th and Thursday, July 8th, 2021. Auctions for domains captured  via the backorder service during this period, and that had received multiple requests, will begin again on July 8th.

As we upgrade the auction platform, we are also reviewing the incentive program connected to the Backorder auctions. In the past, a small commission was automatically paid to the Reseller that submitted the backorder associated with the winner of the auction. While this commission structure is now being phased out, and will no longer apply for auctions from July 1st, 2021 onward, there are opportunities for Resellers that are interested in actively promoting our Backorder service to get special pricing and performance-based incentives.

Please get in touch with your Account Manager or the Sales Team today to discuss your plans for the Backorder service and how we can support you.

We look forward to connecting and supporting your success on! & .rugby: New Dates for GA

The launch phases for .basketball and .rugby have been delayed multiple times, though now the nTLDs are coming soon:

  • .basketball: General Availability starts on June 15, 2021 (15:00 UTC)
  • .rugby: General Availability starts on July 1, 2021 (15:00 UTC)

You can register domain names via RRPproxy as of the above dates (no applications possible). Please refer to your account for pricing information.

2021-05-31CentralNic Reseller Launches .EU Global Connection Campaign

Today marks the kick off of a large scale campaign to support .EU registrations at CentralNic reseller brands, HEXONET and RRPproxy. With a sale price of €3 from May 31 - July 31, 2021 and a robust marketing rollout program, CentralNic Reseller will be empowering customers to connect locally while reaching global aspirations.

The .EU extension is a unique domain option in that it restricts registrations to European Union residents and businesses, ensuring a high level of trust and global recognition (full eligibility rules available here). The goal of the campaign is to capitalize on this successful ccTLD while reaching further heights by enabling reseller customers to connect with their clients to drive registrations and .EU usage. 

Designed to appeal to SME customers, who have been particularly hit by the global pandemic, the 62 day campaign focuses on the theme of 'be local, think global'. Meaning connect locally, be proud of your roots, and reach for the world. The focus of the campaign is to empower CentralNic customers to actively promote to their customers with a story they can connect and relate to. In supporting this campaign, a variety of marketing efforts will begin rolling out with the launch, this includes: paid and organic digital and social media campaigns targeting both resellers and domain end users in the European Union; special white label content for resellers (available here); special email send outs; direct promotion outreach; and a variety of other initiatives. 

From Marie Lanyon, Head of Marketing for the CentralNic Reseller Division, "We are proud to be launching this special .EU campaign. Group wide efforts have gone into preparing for this campaign and we feel particularly happy to be working with the .EU team to support SME businesses that have been impacted by our current shared global experience. Great stories start with .EU and we look forward to supporting our resellers and customers tell more of these stories."

For further details on this program or to connect with a sales representative to inquire on participating in this special program, please contact: Applications Possible Now

We are pleased to announce the upcoming launch of the .sbs TLD.

The submission of applications will be possible as now.

Launch Dates:

  • Sunrise: May 6 (14:00 UTC) until June 7, 2021 (13:59 UTC). For trademark holders with a valid signed mark data (SMD) file. First-come, first-served.
  • Early Access Program (EAP): June 8 (14:00 UTC) bis June 15, 2021 (13:59 UTC). First-come, first-served.
  • General Availability (GA): As of June 15, 2021 (14:00 Uhr UTC). First-come, first-served.

.sbs, short for 'side by side', is perfect for forward-thinking organizations who believe in doing well for themselves and doing good for social communities, side by side. ShortDot will be donating a portion of every .sbs domain registration to a non-profit organization.

2021-04-23Submit Your .spa Applications

UPDATE June 6, 2021:
The .spa Landrush Phase started as scheduled on May 26. However, the registry has extended the Landrush until October 1, 2021 (15:59 UTC) which will result in a delay in the start of General Availability. The exact date will be announced at a later point in time.

We are pleased to announce that we now accept your applications for .spa domain names. This new TLD is the name space for the spa and wellness community.

.spa Launch Dates:

  • Sunrise: Until May 20, 2021 (15:59 UTC). For trademark holders with a valid signed mark data (SMD) file. Minimum term of registration for Sunrise is 2 years.
  • Landrush: May 26 (16:00 UTC) until June 24, 2021 (15:59 UTC). This phase is for members of the spa and wellness community as well as other authorized persons (City of Spa in Belgium, Italian joint stock companies S.p.A.). Appropriate verification documents to be provided.
  • General Availability: As of July 1, 2021 (16:00 UTC). First-come, first-served. Launch Suspended

We have to inform you that the .trust launch has been suspended indefinitely by the registry.

Trademark holders who have already registered their .trust domains in Sunrise will receive full refunds to cancel these registrations. Price Reduction on May 24

Prices for .qa domains (ccTLD for Qatar) will be considerably reduced on May 24,2021 as a result of the automation that has taken place.

In addition, we are expanding our portfolio with the endings and, which will be available in our system at the same conditions on the same date.

2021-03-15Sectigo SAN SSL Certificates Available Now

We are happy to announce that we can now offer you four Sectigo SAN SSL Certificates:

- SectigoSSL UCC with Domain Validation (DV)
- InstantSSL UCC with Organization Validation (OV)
- SectigoSSL EV Multi-Domain with Extended Validation (EV)
- EnterpriseSSL Pro Multi-Domain with Organization Validation (OV)

All Sectigo SAN SSL products provide the following:

  • and (FQDNs) always secured (do not count as additional SAN domains)
  • PLUS 2 additional SAN domains are always included
  • up to 24 additional SAN domains in total available
  • 2048-bit key with up to 256-bit encryption
  • IDNs (Internationalized Domain Names) supported
  • Sectigo Trust Seal included

Compare all Sectigo products here.
All relevant technical details can be found in our Knowledge Base.

2021-03-12New TLDs Available as of Now!

Die folgenden TLDs sind jetzt allgemein verfügbar - viele großartige TLD-Optionen für Sie und Ihre Kunden!

  • .beauty
  • .hair
  • .skin
  • .makeup
  • .forum
  • .quest

Erweitern Sie jetzt Ihr Angebot um diese neue Domainendungen! Sunrise now open until April 12

ShortDot is (re)launching the TLD .cfd (= clothing, fashion, design). The goal is to become the namespace where clothing brands, fashion designers, retailers, influencers, bloggers, consumers, and lifestyle eCommerce stores celebrate and usher in a prosperous new era of clothing and fashion design.

Launch time-table:
From March 10 (14:00 UTC) until April 12, 2021 (13:59 UTC). For trademark holders with a valid signed mark data (SMD) file. First-come, first-served.
Early Access Period (EAP): From April 13, 2021 (14:00 UTC) until April 20, 2021 (13:59 UTC). First-come, first-served.
General Availability (GA): As of April 20, 2021 (14:00 UTC). First-come, first-served.

Submit your applications now!

2021-03-08New Fulfillment Domains Available!

We are pleased to offer you the following fulfillment domains (Lebanon) now:

Please note the restrictions according to our RRPproxy Knowledge Base - a Lebanese trademark certificate is required.

2021-02-22Scheduled Maintenance Work on February 27

We would like to announce the following RRPproxy system maintenance:

  • Saturday, February 27, 2021, from 08:00 - 12:00 UTC (09:00 - 13:00 CET)

You may expect the following:

  • DNS: Available - Domains will continue to resolve normally
  • vServer: Available - vServers will be reachable
  • API: Affected
  • EPP: Affected
  • Web interface: Affected
  • WHOIS: Affected
  • OT&E: Affected

Please excuse any inconvenience this may cause. Pre-orders Available - UPDATE: Sunrise 2

UPDATE: The registry decided to implement a second Sunrise phase for the new .forum TLD due to positive feedback. The eligibility criteria and pricing mirror that of the initial Sunrise.

We are accepting your pre-orders for domains under the new .forum TLD as now. The domain extension aims to offer online forums a dedicated and easily identifiable namespace.

Launch schedule for .forum:

  • Sunrise: COMPLETED
  • Sunrise 2: Until February 28, 2021 (16:00 UTC). For trademark holders with a valid signed mark data (SMD) file. First-served, first-come.
  • General Availability: As of March 2, 2021 (16:00 UTC). First-come, first-served.

Please refer to your RRPproxy account for price information.

2021-01-14New .br Domain Options Available

We can provide you now with 12 more options for .br domain registrations! They are divided into five generic endings and seven for professionals.


  • - Applications
  • - Developers and Development platforms
  • - Transport and Logistics
  • - Security
  • - Technology


  • - Librarians
  • - Designers
  • - Detectives and Private Investigators
  • - Nursing Professionals
  • - Gastronomy Professionals
  • - Geologists
  • - Commercial Representatives

2021-01-12RRPproxy Maintenance on Jan 13, 06:00 - 07:00 UTC

Please note the following RRPproxy maintenance window during which we will perform firewall updates:

  • Wednesday, January 13, 2021 between 06:00 - 07:00 UTC (07:00 - 08:00 CET)

During this timeframe the production (LIVE) and test (OT&E) environments and all services will be available. However, connections may be interrupted for a short time, if at all. The reason for this maintenance is to optimize our infrastructure for upcoming implementations of new firewall policies.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.