Reselling with RRPproxy, the METAregistry

  • Huge range of domain names and related products from one source
  • World-class technology, reliable system, access through FREE API and web interface
  • Reseller price scales, volume discounts, dedicated and personal support

The best solution for your reselling needs!

RRPproxy™ is a fully automated, real-time system for the registration and management of domain names, for DNS, webhosting, virtual servers, SSL certificates and more. All services are resalable and we offer numerous additional features to simplify your reselling business.

Resellers from all over the world offer these services to their customers using the technical infrastructure of RRPproxy, the so-called Metaregistry. METAregistry stands for the fact that all linked registries can be addressed via one single system - the RRPproxy system. Thus, RRPproxy funnels a broad platform of many different domain extensions and services into an easy and convenient one-stop shop for resellers. You can register and administer domain names and manage additional services for yourself or for your customers in real-time by using the RRPproxy platform.

As a reseller you have access to all domain extensions supported by RRPproxy, which are currently more than 1,000 and the number is constantly rising. You can connect to the registration gateway through the RRPproxy web client or through various APIs (Application Programming Interfaces: EPP, HTTPs, SMTP, XRRP, SOAP / XML-RPC).

RRPproxy is the reseller portal for ISPs, registrars & domain Investors - increase your efficiency and your profit!

Wide range of premium products

  • Fully automated system for the registration and management of domains in real-time
  • Fully automated access to more than 1,000 ccTLDs and generic domain extensions
  • Full coverage of open new gTLDs, TMCH service for Sunrise phases
  • Realization of any TLD worldwide upon customer's request
  • Domains, hosting and additional internet services (SSL certificates, SMS gateway etc.) from one source
  • Resalable HostedDNS service for external domains
  • Trustee solutions (local presence services) for domains with special regulations
  • Registry Account Management (RAM): management of own registry accreditations via RRPproxy
  • Whois privacy services: anonymization service for domain owners (if supported by the registry)

Advanced technology and features

  • Accessible through FREE APIs (EPP, HTTPs, SMTP, XRRP, SOAP / XML-RPC) or via multilingual web interface
  • Highly available and reliable DNS infrastructure
  • Tools for bulk registration and updates
  • Hierarchical subreseller system, clearly structured
  • Integrated invoice system for generating customer bills
  • Comprehensive test environment (OT&E) for testing functions and system connectivity
  • Access via external plug-ins such as WHMCS possible
  • User Management with ACL (Access Control List) via webinterface

First-class support, customization and offers

  • Favorable reseller price scales
  • Real-time statistics and performance reports
  • Customization of important system components, white-label solutions for all services
  • Constant extension of product offers without additional development effort
  • Multilingual support via email and phone; dedicated Key Account Manager
  • And of course: more than 10 years experience in the domain business