Additional Revenue Streams via RRPproxy

  • Auctioning of expiring domain names
  • Automatic domain parking via the RRPproxy API
  • Aftermarket (Sedo / Afternic).: Commission on sales brokerage of domains

Profitable ways of domain monetization

We offer additional revenue streams for your domain business.

These additional ways of domain monetization include for example the automatic auctioning of domains due for deletion or the automated domain parking functionality via the RRPproxy METAregistry. Below you find an overview of the offered opportunities for monetizing domains. For further information please contact our team that is happy to explain all options to you in detail.

Expire Auction Program

This free service is designed to put up domain names to auction via the auction provider SnapNames that should not be renewed. If the domain name is auctioned successfully a revenue share will be paid. The amount of the share depends on the sales price that will be achieved during the auction. This revenue stream is intitiated by using the renewal mode "Expireauction". Further details on the life cycle of an auction domain are provided in our RRPproxy Wiki.


The renewal mode "Expireauction" is available for the following TLDs:


Automatic domain parking

We offer you the possibility to automatically park domains with the domain parking provider ParkingCrew via the RRPproxy METAregistry and thus monetize them. The RRPproxy API handles the entire communication with ParkingCrew so that you can park a domain directly with one single command.


Provide your customers with the domain parking feature as an additional service! Many domain owners register a domain without developing it for months, other registrants consider domains as an investment, waiting for an offer from an interested party. A preliminary offer can be integrated on a parked domain offering potential buyers a fast method to contact the domain owner and thus increasing the sales opportunities.

You can also benefit from the renewal period of an expiring domain name registration: After informing the customer you can place a parking website on the domain and earn money with every click. At the same time a parking template works as a reminder for the former registrant to renew the registration.

Aftermarket integration

Via RRPproxy, we offer our customers easy access to a wide range of premium names sold in the aftermarket. Our partners are Sedo and Afternic. With every domain availability check performed via MREG interface, https API or RRPproxy web interface, the price associated with the domain purchase for every domain name that does not show up as available but is listed in the aftermarket will be returned.


The prices are final end customer prices for which the domain name in question can be transferred to the potential buyer. As a client of RRPproxy you receive a brokerage for each sale that is generated through your channel. Only a minimum implementation work is required on your side in order to participate in this revenue channel!