Advanced Components for Your Success

  • Elements customizable to your needs and requirements
  • Automate refunds of domain deletes during the Add Grace Period (AGP)
  • Advanced test environment (OT&E) & powerful SMS gateway

Refunded AGP Deletes

An added benefit of working with RRPproxy is the option to offer your customers an Add Grace Period (AGP) for hundreds of TLDs. During AGP, a domain name registration may be cancelled and the registration fee refunded. With our service 'Refunded AGP Deletes' we offer you a fully automated solution to handle these refunds.

The service 'Refunded AGP Deletes' can be easily enabled via web interface. Registrations, refunds and remaining deletes can be tracked throughout the month. The option is available for over 500 TLDs which makes it especially attractive. Refunds may be granted if domains are deleted during AGP, typically within 5 days of domain name registration. Some ccTLDs offer a shorter or longer time frame. We follow a fair use policy regarding the allowed deletions. In addition, please note that associated domain services such as Trustee Service or Whois Privacy are not refundable, only the domain name registration itself.

Key Benefits to Resellers:

    • Full API integration: Refunds of AGP deletes are processed automatically, no manual efforts required
    • Easy activation via web interface in the registrar settings, one-time activation fee
    • Deactivate and reactivate as you require at no additional cost - You're in control
    • Monitor registrations, refunds and remaining deletes within your limits in your control panel or via API
    • Refunding in nearly real time. Maintain a positive cash balance and simplify your accounting.
    • Available to offer for your sub-resellers as well -  it's your choice if you wish to make this available
    • Data can be easily exported for further processing (CSV, Excel)
    • Allows you to counter fraud in domain registrations or credit card fraud
    • Leads to increased customer retention and customer satisfaction
    • Service is available for selected TLDs - currently over 500 domain extensions!

We are happy to provide you with a full service documentation and a list of supported TLDs in our RRPproxy Knowledge Base.


RRPproxy™ offers the customization of specified layout elements and important functions.

You can customize elements according to your own needs and corporate identity (CI) or even integrate external components. In the following you find some examples of customization possibilities. If you need additional adjustments, just contact us. We are happy to consider all the possibilities with you.

Examples of customizable elements:

  • Customizable whois server output, transfer and WDRP notification system (customization of the standardized WDRP email template)
  • Customizable billing and invoicing system
  • Layout and web client in your very own CI regarding RAM and registry services
  • Integration of external payment providers possible

SMS tool

Sending text messages via RRPproxy API – simple and cost-effective.

RRPproxy's SMS tool provides the possibility to send directly routed premium text messages to most cellular networks worldwide for a flat rate per SMS. You can connect to the SMS gateway via the regular API or the dedicated SMS API. The dedicated SMS API can be used via a separate mobile account with separate login data, providing the possibility to offer a transparent prepaid account to your customers.

You can choose between our Standard SMS Tool and the slightly more expensive Premium SMS Service. The last one stands out with the extremely fast and reliable delivery of text messages (less than 10 seconds in more than 95% of cases).

The SMS gateway is actually an excellent communication channel to inform your subresellers, e.g. about current promotions, or it can be used for monitoring purposes. If you want to send credentials per SMS we recommend the high-available Premium SMS Service.

Highlights of the RRPproxy SMS gateway:

  • Fast and directly routed SMS (no proxy via other countries)
  • Favorable pricing for all routes
  • Extremely fast and reliable Premium Service available
  • Delivery status notifications
  • Usable via API or dedicated SMS API
  • Prepayment allowing full cost control
  • Up to 256 recipients per SMS possible
  • Types of text messages: PLAIN & UNICODE
  • May be used for notification and monitoring purposes
  • Premium SMS Service qualifies for the delivery of credentials (e.g. token, PIN)

Billing engine for subresellers

On demand we can provide you with a customized billing engine available within the subreseller system.

Use of the RRPproxy billing engine for invoicing your customers:

  • Dedicated accounting / invoice system for generating bills (within the subreseller system)
  • Customizable to your own CI (corporate identity) and requirements e.g. with your own URL, logo, content, etc.
  • Available payment methods: Credit card (PCI-DSS certified) and PayPal


Within the OT&E you can check the connection between your interface and the RRPproxy platform without consequences or costs incurred.

You can test all features and functions in the OT&E environment (Operational Test and Evaluation System) – except for registry specific handlings and hosting services. If you make any adjustments in your interface, you will be able to test any possible effect on the communication with the RRPproxy system in advance. The OT&E is open to all customers – just use your usual account login and your password followed by "ote".

The OT&E allows you:

  • to test the RRPproxy system through its paces
  • to try out new products and features
  • to check the connectivity to your own infrastructure
  • to streamline workflows
  • to present the system to your subresellers