RRPproxy Subreseller System

  • Subreseller accounts can be created within seconds
  • All services offered within RRPproxy are completely resalable
  • Grow your success with our advanced reselling platform for domain and internet solutions

Easy subreseller managment

All services offered within RRPproxy™ are completely resalable. To start with your reselling business you only need to schedule a minimum of time.

Subreseller accounts can be created in seconds within your RRPproxy account, either in the web interface or with API. The resalable services include domain registration and management as well as DNS, vServers and further products. Get into business and grow your success with one of the world´s leading providers for resalable domain and internet solutions.

Main features of the RRPproxy subreseller system

  • Domain name registration and management platform
  • Webhosting, vServers, etc. available
  • Resalable SSL certificates
  • SMS tool as communication channel
  • Dedicated accounting / invoice system for generating bills (customizable)
  • Access to one of the world's best API systems including industry standards such as EPP and XRRP
  • Highly automated system to increase efficiency and revenue
  • Initial add-on of additional products to your store-shelf without any implementation needs once they are implemented into the RRPproxy
  • Full web interface access for you and your clients
  • Credit card payment via ATOS

Highlights of the RRPproxy subreseller system

  • No set-up fee
  • First 5 subreseller accounts are free
  • Up to 3 layers are possible (sub-subreseller, etc.)
  • Over 300 fully automatic TLDs resalable
  • Multi-currency functionality
  • Different languages available