Información de TLD para .COM.BZ

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  • .COM.BZ apoya IPv6
  • .COM.BZ apoya Whois Privado
  • .COM.BZ apoya servicios trustee
  • .COM.BZ DNSSEC es disponible
  • .COM.BZ apoya IDN

Detalles de Dominio

Uso de la zona.BZ "A shorter way to business!" - The .bz domain is an unrestricted and largely untapped domain name space on the Internet and therefore an ideal opportunity for businesses and consumers that have been unable to register their desired name in other domains.
Soporte de IDN No
Soporte de TrusteeTrustee no está soportado
DNSSEC disponibleSi
Número mínimo de caracteres3
Número máximo de caracteres63
Caracteres permitidosHyphens (“-“), letters and numbers No hyphen at the beginning or at the end